get to know me

Hey! I’m Marbie...

Well Michelle is my birth name but Marbie (Barbie with an ‘M’) is a nickname I’ve had for many years so feel free to call me that.

Plantain, chicken and cake are three things I love beyond words.

Seriously, lock me away somewhere with an unlimited supply of each one and I’ll be ok.

Outside of these, there are a few other things that bring me joy…like being in the kitchen, cooking for others and having great conversations.

I’ve found that the kitchen is so much more than a space that food is prepared in – although that’s great too! People often talk, laugh, bond and create special memories in there, especially when there’s good food involved…

So I’ve decided to bring all those elements together right here in Marbie’s Kitchen!

You’ll find recipes for great dishes you and your loved ones can tuck into, as well as a podcast with great conversations around living, learning and growing.

So grab a plate, grab a friend and enjoy spending some time in my kitchen!