Best Blueberry Bundt Cake

I’m always in the mood for cake. Even if I’ve sworn not to have it for a particular period of time, or remind myself that I’ve had almost every flavour combination there is, I will still succumb to the sweet sound of cake whenever it calls me!

I’ve been the person who has walked into a shop and bought a slice of each flavour of cake whilst everyone in there stares at me. My logic, especially somewhere new, is “I might as well try every single one now to know how I feel”…

Typically, I like a light and fluffy cake with no icing paired with a cup of tea or a latte of some kind. My mood will often reflect what type of cake I’ll have; if I’m emotional then I’ll opt for something chocolatey or something that involves salted caramel. If I want to deceive myself that I’m not having something totally unhealthy, then I’ll have a carrot cake – especially the ones from Nando’s – if you’re in the UK you have to try it! It’s among one of the best cakes I’ve had.

As I used to make wedding cakes and love baking for people, every so often I’ll pop into the kitchen and whip something up that I know they’ll love. One that has become a crowd pleaser is a take on blueberry cake. It’s insanely good when paired with lemon or passion-fruit curd…

But even on its own, it’s pretty impressive. I believe this is because i use fresh blueberries which release a ton of flavour as well as add moisture to the cake. I used to make this as a loaf but now I’m obsessed with making it as a bundt cake. Once you have the right tin, these are super impressive for any occasion without a ton of work.

There are a few simple tips that will ensure you get this right, even for those of you who are weary of baking because you don’t feel like you have the knack for it;

  • Follow the recipe! I mean to the tee! Don’t try to freestyle – just do what they’ve said. You can sometimes wing it with cooking but usually with baking, it pays to follow what’s been shared.
  • Don’t over-mix! You can change the texture of your cake by overworking the batter.
  • Buy good quality ingredients. You don’t have to break the bank but I’ve found a difference in purchasing reputable brands when baking.
  • Use a fan oven (where possible) and measure the actual temperature of your oven with an oven thermometer. These are inexpensive & will come in handy over time in ensuring that the temperature you’ve set is actually what it is.
  • Refrain from opening the door too much. Let the cake bake in peace – haha! When you do want to check if it’s done, use a skewer and make sure you don’t bang the oven door so you don’t knock the air out of the cake, or that you don’t leave the door open too long so the temperature doesn’t change.
  • If making a bundt cake, make sure you use a great bundt tin! Mine is amazing and can be found here. The range of tins from Nordic Ware are phenomenal and the cakes come out beautifully as long as you grease the tins properly.

That’s it for now!

I hope you enjoy this sweet treat and share it with your loved ones!

Let me know if you end up trying it served with lemon or passion fruit curd – it’s absolutely phenomenal!



Blueberry Bundt Cake

Super simply but incredibly delicious!

  • 1 Vanilla Cake Recipe ((that you like))
  • 2 Small packs of Blueberries ((lightly crushed))
  1. I'm not particular about which cake recipe you decide to use. I prefer light and fluffy cakes so I often opt for American recipes. The first one I'd recommend is this light and fluffy option from "Baked by an Introvert" – again, follow the recipe to a T!

    The second option would be this one from Glorious Treats – just ignore the icing for now.

  2. I usually double the recipe but for a regular bundt tin, you only need about 6 cups as you won't fill it right to the top. This is to ensure you have a flat base without needing to trim it.

  3. Once you've mixed the batter, add the fresh blueberries which have been very lightly crushed with your hands at the end and stir. (If you have blueberry extract and would like to add some for a bigger punch flavour wise, then add it now and stir. I'd recommend this one from Beau Baking.

  4. Preheat the oven to the temperature required.

  5. Finally, grease the bundt tin with butter and the dust with flour. This is the method I use all the time to ensure it doesn't stick to the tin but you have to grease it well – I usually use a medium sized brush and then dust with the same type of flour I've used in the cake itself.

  6. Fill the tin to about three quarters, tap lightly on the worktop to release any air bubbles and bake!

  7. If you insert a skewer and it comes out clean, then take the cake out. You don't want to leave it in for so long that it starts to overcook – especially in a bundt tin as the heat usually distributes evenly in these. (Bear in mind that sometimes the blueberries release moisture, so the cake could be cooked, even if the skewer doesn't come out completely dry)

  8. Leave to cool, sprinkle with some icing sugar and serve. (If you have some lemon curd, spread some on a piece and dive into cake heaven!

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