Irresistible Coconut Jollof Rice!


For those of you that have never heard of this combination, you’re probably thinking “whattttt?” – as in how on earth did you combine Coconut and Jollof together?

Well at least that’s what I thought when my aunt mentioned making this during a visit to America. I watched with fascination as she flipped a dish that was so mundane on its head. Yes, Jollof Rice is a dish loved amongst most countries in West Africa but sometimes a little twist to the dishes we love the most works wonders!


The prawns added are a nice treat but not a must so don’t feel obliged. However when I add them, they have to be Jumbo Prawns! I really dislike adding the smaller ones that disappear into the abyss of the dish. Splurge a little on the larger prawns and I promise it’ll be worth it!

You’ll also see in the recipe that I don’t use any tinned tomatoes. This is because I much prefer the taste of fresh tomatoes with the fresh peppers and find the dish doesn’t really need anything from a can!

Another thing to note is that the quality of the coconut milk and cream used matter. For the milk, I usually shake the can to make sure it has a thick enough consistency. With the coconut cream, I make sure I don’t select “creamed coconut” which is usually rock hard, but instead I go for “coconut cream” which is actually a thick creamy consistency. It’s usually in similar packaging, a small carton, but trust me – there’s a difference! I find focusing on these two really helps to elevate the flavour of the dish.

Finally, you’ll notice in the recipe that I ask you to use boiling hot water and not cold water. This is because when you add cold water to any dish that’s cooking, you actually slow down the cooking process and often if it’s meat, you can cause it to become tougher because of the change in temperature!

With all that said, enjoy the dish and if you’re willing – share it with some loved ones!

(But I won’t blame you if you decide to eat the whole thing yourself!)

Irresistible Coconut Jollof Rice

This dish brings together two magical things; Jollof Rice and Coconut. Once you taste it, it’ll be hard for you to go back to eating just the normal Jollof Rice. Thanks me later!

  • 6 Cups Sella Rice ((Golden Sella Easy Cook Basmati))
  • 6 Fresh Tomatoes
  • 1 Large Spanish Onion
  • 4 Red Romano/Bell Peppers
  • 3 Scotch Bonnet
  • 4 Cloves of Garlic
  • 3 cans Coconut Milk
  • 1 carton Coconut Cream
  • 1 tbsp Mixed Herbs
  • 1 tsp Curry Powder
  • 3 tbsp Chicken Stock Granules (or sea salt alternatively)
  • 3 tbsp Pure Coconut oil
  • 1 kg Jumbo Prawns
  • 1 Kettle of Boiling Hot Water
  1. Blend peppers, onions, garlic, scotch bonnet and tomatoes. Add a cup of water to help it blend easily but no more than this amount as a thick consistency is needed.

  2. Wash your rice with hot water, then rinse and repeat until it runs completely clear.

  3. Place your pot on a high heat and once hot, add the Coconut oil. Let it heat for 2-3 minutes. 

  4. Once this is very hot, add the blended mixture and fry for 15 minutes till the sweetness you usually get from raw tomatoes is gone.

  5. Season with spices, herbs and chicken stock granules then stir. (Be careful as some splashing may occur as the tomato mixture cooks)

  6. After five minutes, add one can of coconut milk. Allow this to thicken up a little (three minutes should do the trick).

  7. At this point, add the washed rice and stir until it is completely coated in the mixture. Then turn the heat down to medium.

  8. Keep stirring to make sure the bottom doesn’t stick and after five minutes, add the second can of coconut milk. Repeat these steps and then add the third can. Once this thickens up a little, add the coconut cream and stir.

  9. From this point on, keep adding the boiling hot water until the rice gets to the softness you require. However, it’s better to add too little than too much as you wouldn’t want soggy rice!

  10. As you add the water bit by bit, let it boil and then stir and taste until it’s just right. If you need to add more salt/stock granules because the water has diluted it, then add some to taste.

  11. All that’s left to do is enjoy the dish!


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