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The Gift of Self-Discovery

In thinking about self-discovery, much of the work we have to do isn’t creating someone new but instead uncovering who we are beyond the extras “others” have given to us.

Sometimes the “others” include friends, family, society, culture, religion – so many things that intersect to form the identity we have. These aren’t all inherently bad, even though sometimes people try to make it seem so, it’s just that they need to be examined often.

During an Instagram Live as part of my Marbie’s Musings series, I shared on self-discovery and how it’s the gift that keeps on giving. In so many areas of our lives, we can benefit from self-discovery because knowledge of a thing often precedes the action taken.

For example, with a car, you’d need to know if it needs petrol or diesel to function in order to adequately maintain it. Sometimes you even need to know its capacity or strengths – is it a Land Rover best suited to rough & muddy terrains? Or a Ferrari that needs open roads for fast speeds? All of this information then affects what you’re able to do with the car and essentially, how to get the best out of it.

Now make no mistake, self-discovery is a continuous thing. As you grow and evolve, there will always be more to discover about self. I’m not asking you to overwhelm yourself with the task of trying to know everything about yourself in one go, but instead to remain in a curious state about yourself.

If you have twenty minutes to spare, I would highly recommend you check out the IG Live here as I share my thoughts around self-discovery and the mind-shifts that typically need to occur for us in this area.

To accompany the video, I’ve created a worksheet to help kick-start or aid the journey of self-discovery for you. Click the link below to download it. Remember, be patient with yourself as you work through it and remain curious.



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