Welcome to Marbie’s Kitchen!

Welcome into my kitchen!

I’m so glad you could make it here – into my favourite space of all time!

Honestly, I’ve loved the kitchen for longer than I can remember. I’ve always known it as the focal point of the home. From the buzz going on in there where an amazing meal is being prepared, to the times when I’ve been in there alone with some of my favourite songs on blast.


Over the past few years, the kitchen has been the space where I think, listen, connect the dots and so much more. One of my favourite things is being able to whip something special up and invite people in to have a good time.

I remember growing up, on Sundays after church a different family would take it in turns each week to cook something special and everyone would come round and just eat and drink to their hearts content. Discussing everything and anything over a hot meal seemed to make everyone forget about their issues and differences.

My mother was my introduction to that. She exposed me to understanding that food can do so much more than fuel you. It can bring people together, it can provide comfort, it can kickstart conversations and leave you speechless at the same time!

So I’ve decided to bring you into the space that brings me so much joy, into the space that has been incredibly transformative for me. I look forward to sharing the lessons I’ve learnt whilst being in the kitchen and also some amazing recipes of course.

Hopefully one day we get to meet. But till then, enjoy the site!




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