Case of the Ex, Pt. 1 (with Debra Chosen) – Episode 5

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I hope you have your mugs and cups ready because we are about to spill a whole heap of tea on this episode!

This time I got to sit with one of my favourite multi-hyphenates, Debra Chosen, as we reflected on previous relationships (situationships included) and what we have learnt from them in order to take ownership and move forward. 

We explore misconceptions we previously had about relationships such as ‘struggle love’ or even being perfect in order to be loved. 

We also talk about what a healthy relationship looks like to us, the lessons we have had to learn the hard way and what we will no longer tolerate. 

As I said, grab your mugs and cups because this tea is juicy! So juicy in fact that it has to be split into two episodes! Press play and join us for part one. 

Check out this episode!

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